campfire cooking / by Erin

weekend in north devon, no surf but no rain either. and some really good eats.

who knew graham crackers did not exist here. and them brits have some funny looking marshmellows.

making s'mores in england, a bit tricky to source proper ingredients. but he managed to find it all, and they tasted so good over that flame. messiest pud ever. not pictured, fire roasted bananas.

wild blackberry haul. let's make fresh jam for breakfast, ok.

tart and sweet on toast, staining our lips by the spoonful.

no stars but clear nights, and white horses in the next field over. outdoor showers to soften the fiery smoke in my hair, why does it feel so good to bathe in the fresh air? and the sun even found us a few times, drinking wine in the sand dunes, hunting for more blackberries in the thicket.