yellow light or the sun / by Erin

today was particularly grey. lemon and double narcissus were needed.
i popped by the shop and lent a hand at a beautiful funeral piece, bridal piano and white majolika, rosemary. the long card message was filled with memories. lovely and strange to read a message to the dead.

the cookies didn't crinkle. but they are so lemony and soft on the inside, and he ate two the moment he walked in the door. and then i ate two, too. by accident i made four dozen.
now the flat smells sweet and tart.

he found a wallet yesterday, full of twenty pound notes. i can't imagine carrying that cash, the man with the fat black wallet. i wanted to go with him to the police station, but i have to get my work done. always getting my work done (not really).
i need sun i need sun i need sun i need sun.