winter's eve / by erin trezise

better late than never, i think.

the simplest ideas can often be the best. food and friends is always a good thing. add candles and copious amounts of foliage, and you've got yourself an evening. 

a few weeks ago i was asked to help dress the venue for the Sisterhood seasonal supper, by Lou, this venue The Forge just barely ready for us, bare bricks and steel, beautiful and stark. working with Hannah the space became warm and homely, bodies moving, lifting, tying, stirring. nothing a few wreaths and pots full of food can't fix, these things always say 'welcome' to me. 

i always like the work in progress better, i like the mess and moment, and rough edges. hosting a class, sharing a skill, sharing a love for flowers. and it was so loud, so full! and then suddenly you are bumping along home in a taxi, and it's all happened. 

and these ladies! so ready to greet, and learn, and share. i couldn't believe my luck. 

photos below from the talented Xanthe Berkeley Photography.